About Us

Our Brand

Alkali Beauty fuses science and sensuality to deliver salon-quality hair care products to create the look you crave. Developed by a seasoned team of professional hair stylists and alchemists, our line of luxury shampoos, conditioners, sprays, and serums bring the Alkali salon experience into your home.

Our Mission

Alkali is the most fundamental category on the periodic table of elements. As such, we built this brand by asking: what is most essential?

Beyond aromatic experiences and glowing results, we aim to inspire a return to what is most essential: self-expression, adventure, love, and—of course—fun.

Our exclusive salon-quality products infuse your hair with essential elements while adding a touch of playfulness to your everyday routine. We harnessed the power of simple, natural ingredients like marula oil and aloe to create professional hair products that feel good on your body and your conscience—all while feeding your sense of excitement.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or giving the gift of daily fresh-from-the-salon hair, browse our selection of hair care products to see what we’re all about.