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🌛 Midnight Masterpiece 🌜

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on the blog. Between my two new jobs, working out, and preparing for summer vacation, I have been connecting with several companies, trying out their products to see how I feel before moving forward with any potential partnerships here on Mind Over Mango.

In 2018 I wrote a Rave Review article about Alkali Beauty after carefully testing their products to see how they would interact with my high-maintenance hair. Neither the products nor did the customer service disappoint me, and I still continue to use them on a weekly basis.

The Midnight Duo Shampoo and Mask is their latest celebrity collaboration, this time with The Real Housewives star Emily Simpson. Alkali was generous enough to allow me to try these out prior to their official launch date. Authenticity is extremely important to me, and although I have had a great experience previously with this company and have built a strong relationship with them, I didn’t want to misrepresent their products by just saying that I enjoyed them, even if I didn’t.

Clearly based on the title of the article, it isn’t exactly a secret that I was pleased with the Midnight Duo. Still, I wanted to write an in-depth review of the products and my experiences so that you may make your own conclusions and see if these would be the right fit for you as well. 🙂

⭐ Preface ⭐

Before jumping in, I want to preface that Alkali’s products are aimed toward an audience who appreciates salon-quality products. Hairdressers and salons also land within this market. That being said, their products are priced according to their quality. If you are someone who much prefers to purchase hair goods at a lower price point, then I suggest visiting your local Target or even checking out some of my other blog posts here on Mind Over Mango to see what products may be in your price range. Today though, I really want to shine the spotlight again on this incredible, cruelty-free hair company.

⭐ Exfoliating Shampoo ⭐

First off, these products smell amazing – there’s no way around it. Once you get past the luxurious scent, you will learn that the Midnight Shampoo is meant to exfoliate your scalp while also drawing out any impurities. We are constantly exposed to toxins in our environments which cling to our bodies over time – including our scalps. When using this I make sure to lather up and really scratch my scalp while washing my hair to rid myself of oil and toxin buildup, and the exfoliating beads help give me that extra boost I need to do so. This shampoo is color safe (obviously!) and gives your hair more luster after just one use. My favorite time to use this shampoo is after I hit the gym. My hair tends to feel just plain ick and my head itches like crazy. This shampoo has become an absolute staple after my workouts.

⭐ Replenishing Mask ⭐

After washing your hair with the exfoliating shampoo and towel drying it, it’s time to then apply the mask. After towel drying I apply the product directly onto my hair, using a comb to evenly distribute the product, applying a little extra product to my ends. It’s important to let the mask do its job, so I wait 5 minutes as directed (sometimes a minute or two more) to allow the mask to nourish my strands before rinsing it out. After the 5 or so minutes is up, I step back in the shower and rinse my hair in cool water. I always highly recommend giving your hair a final rinse in cold water no matter what product you use, because it allows the cuticles to close up, smoothing out your hair strands. After rinsing out the Midnight Mask, my hair felt so much softer to the touch. The mask made my hair feel silky, and my ends didn’t feel dried out like some products can cause them to be.

⭐ Completing My Routine ⭐

I followed up the Midnight Shampoo and Mask using some of Alkali’s other hair products, which I outlined in the previous Alkali Beauty article I wrote. I applied a few sprits of their 4Play Heat Protectant, followed by a quick blow dry and then applying their VIP Serum to the ends of my slightly damp hair. I finished off with a few sprits of their AfterGlow Mist Shine Spray to complete my full Alkali Beauty hair routine.

⭐ Price Point ⭐

As previously mentioned, the price point of Alkali’s products reflects its salon-quality nature. Currently, as of March 2019, the Midnight Duo by Emily Simpson is having an introductory sale price of $69. Once the launch sale is complete, the regular on-sale price will then sit at a cool $78.  If you’re not ready to drop a little extra dough on a full set: fear not. You can buy both the Midnight Shampoo and the Mask separately starting at $39 each. As for the professional hairdressers or salons, you can connect with Alkali to carry their products in your own establishments as well!

🌛 Wrapping Up 🌜

That just about wraps up my latest blog post here on Mind Over Mango. I’d like to give a gracious thank you to Alkali Beauty for your consistently beautiful products, and also for allowing me the opportunity to try out your newest collection. I’d also like to say thank you to my readers here on my blog for checking out my newest article.

Have you ever tried Alkali Beauty? What are your thoughts on salon-quality products like these? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear from you all!

xoxo Sara

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